• What We Offer

  • Colorado Exteriors has been doing commercial roofing services in the Denver Metro area since 1989. We have stayed around this long because we focus on customer satisfaction and quality work. If the job is worth doing right -- then it is worth doing right the first time. We provide a wide range of services to commercial buildings. We understand that commercial companies need support for a wide variety of services and our company is like a one stop shop. We provide a wide variety of exterior services that are so often needed at the same time. Companies understand that they need a company with strong project management skills. We are that company and we can schedule multiple services so that they don't conflict on time schedules. Our services include:






    We also provide insurance claim consulting services for homeowners. All too often you need a professional who will work with you and the insurance companies to resolve issues. We have several certified insurance adjusters on staff to support our clients.

    Give us a call at (303) 296-1353. 

  • Repair

    Storms are an everyday occurrence in Colorado. Whether it is a hail storm that damages your roof or a tornado with more extensive damage - Colorado Exteriors is there to assist you. We provide roof, siding, windows, gutters and painting services throughout the Denver metro area. When you need help you need to call Colorado Exteriors. 

  • Replacement

    Denver has a wide variety of commercial buildings. But lets face it -- a bulding that is 20 years, 50 years or even 100 years is ready for some tender loving care. We focus on keeping the unique look and feel of your building, but at the same times have worked several projects where people are modernizing the look. We work with the building owner and manager to make sure they have a building that is functional. If you want to upgrade, give us a call. 

  • Maintenance

    Have a leak in the roof, siding that is starting to warp and buckle -- well you need someone who knows how to assist you in the maintenance of your building. You need to work on maintenance work early before a small job becomes even larger. A leaky roof is more than a leaky roof -- the water dripping into the building can damage the facility with wood rot. Water always travels to the lowest point -- often a basement. Call us when you need maintenance work on your roof, siding, windows, gutters and if you need exterior painting.